Normans Varous Layouts

Normans collection of layouts

Beaumont ville Scale = 4mm - ft Gauge 16.5mm

Beaumont Ville is a large fictitious town with 2 stations, this being the first, built in 1856 for the GWR. The Town was first started in 1184 as a hamlet owned by Edward de Beaumont, ( hence the name ) a Norman Lord, and it remained as a hamlet till the industrial revolution in 1794 when a canal was cut, Thus bringing coal and steam power. The line carries farm produce, coal, cattle and passengers. Tram have arrived in the street with the extension from the main system. The track is Peco Streamiline, with a mixture of point radii. The Station building, cattle dock, signals and dignal box are all Ratio kits. The Turntable is Peco. Water Tower & Sandhouse are Metcalfe kits, Engine shed is SuperQuick, the Coaling stage and Goods Shed are scatch built. The backgrounds are a mixture of Townscene, Bilteezi and Peco. Stock consists of Hornby, Airfix, Mainline, Lima Dapol with some kit built.

Size of layout is 17' 3" x 15 including the Engine Shed board which is 2' 0" deep

Scale 'n' 2 mm / 1 ft Gauge 9mm

This is my 1st 'n' Scale Layout. This one is built on a board measuring 5' 7" x 2' 3" which any one can build and either be used in a shed, garage, bedroom or sun lounge. In the bedroom, it could be stored under the bed.

I did not make this layout, it was bought for £50 from a gentelman called John hence the name. I modified it by taking the controls from the front to the rear + inserting extra tracks in the fiddle yard. The trackwork is Peco streamline with live frog points, to the front, controlled by Peco point motors, Building are from kits, mainly Bilteezi with Townscene backgrounds. Stock is a mixture of Graham Farish, Peco and Dapol.

Trix Twin Railway

Scale 00 Gauge 16.5 mm 3 rail

On Sunday 3rd March 1935 the world of 00 gauge model railways began. This new smaller scale system was first presented at the Leipzig Trade Fair by the Vereinigte Spielwaren-Fabriken ( the United Toy Factory ). The name of their new smaller model railway was called Trix Express. A year later this was to become " TRIX TWIN " in the UK. Trix trains run on 3-rail track. The Trix 'Twin' system powers one engine from the centre and left hand running rail and a second engine from the centre and right hand running rail, ( the three rails being mounted on an insulated bakelite base ). The electric supply for Trix Twin trains differ from other model railways as they run at 14 volts AC. We also run a D.C. train on the outer track. We were given a box of Trix Twin from my wife late Uncle, it was bought during the second world war for his Son as a 21st birthday present. We have for many years been trying to get it up and running for model railways shows. I was given the boards from an old colleague. The building are either made from tin plate or cast metal, Platforms are either made from tin plate or wood, the elevator conveyor takes coal from one track to the other.

Size of layout is 8' 0" x 4' 2"

Challoner Ville

00 Scale 4mm/1ft Gauge 16.5 mm

Challoner Ville is a fictitious location on a GWR branch line, The name was chosen by me wife, this being her maiden name. Other names on the layout are also family names :- Lewis Garage ( Wife's Uncle in Hadnall ), The Whittaker Arms ( my Great Grandfather, also a pub in Otley. The Vicar of the Church ( wife's Great x9 Grandfather, once the Vicar of Much Wenlock ). Coal Merchant ( wife's Grandad ). On the back ground Joiner Shop ( my Grandad ), Draper shop ( my Great Aunt ), had a shop in Guiseley.
This layout has been built to show people how a layout can be built using standard parts. The track is Peco code 100 all the points are live frogs ( except the double slip ) with H & M point motors. Building are :- Station 'Peco', Goods Shed, Vicarage, Market House & Church are 'Super Quick', Cattle Dock, Coal Staves, Oil Depot and Signals are 'Ratio', Signal Box is 'Dapol', Shop, House, Public House and Milk Depot are all 'Metcalf, Garage is 'Wills'. Backgrounds are all large Peco sheet. The layout track plan is based on Beamish .
This layout was featured in the July 2003 Railway Modeller

Size 9' 0" x 1' 9" plus operating space

Show you How 1 with 'n' Scale layout

Scale N 2mm/1ft Gauge 9mm

This is the 2nd 'N' Scale layout I have built, the 1st was for the Colwyn Model Railway Club and is called New Bridge Junction, ( Cyffordd Bont Newydd ). This new layout is being built on a piece of insulation board covered in cork, which my brother gave me. I then made a frame to support it,. The Station building is scratch built, the goods shed is a kit. On the show you how part, I will building houses from Metcalf kis. The track is Peco Streamline with set track point in the fiddle yard and Medium radius to sidings. The stock is a mixture of Geaham Farish and Dapol
size of table 6' x 2'

Show you How 2 with 'n' Scale layout

Scale N 2mm/1ft Gauge 9mm
This is the 3rd 'N' Scale layout I have built, the 1st was for the Colwyn Model Railway Club ans was called New Bridge Junction, ( Cyfford Bont Newydd ). This layout is being built for display on a ironing board thus the shape. On the show you how part I will be building houses from Metcalf kits. The track is Peco Streamlime with medium radius ponts and in the the fiddle yard are cassettes.
The stock is a mixture of Graham Farish and Dapol size of table 6' x 2'